New Halo 4 Trailer Shows Off the Big Guns


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Halo fans who just can't wait for Halo 4's release this fall will be happy to know that the flow of info, screenshots, and trailers about the game doesn't show any signs of slowing. This week, the HaloWaypoint YouTube channel has released a new trailer showcasing the guns players will be shooting at each other this November.

Though most of the gun types have been carried over from past Halo games, the look and feel of the weapons appears to have changed quite a bit. The trailer shows classic Halo arms such as the magnum, shotgun, DMR, battle rifle, and rocket launcher. It also shows a few of the new weapons that 343 Industries has created, including the sticky detonator, saw, and railgun.

A quick warning for those of you who don't appreciate dubstep: this trailer is full of it. Those who don't want the music can skip to the second trailer, which is the same, but features the actual sound effects from Halo 4 multiplayer.