New Far Cry 3 Trailer Shows Multiplayer Action

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With its open, sandbox-style single player campaign, Far Cry 3 looks to provide an explosive experience for players come December. The multiplayer modes, on the other hand, look to provide players with a chance to rub their success into the ashes of their opponents.

The new Far Cry 3 multiplayer trailer gives a good overview of what players can expect. Much like the multiplayer modes on almost every first person shooter released in the last two years, the latest Far Cry features experience points that players can earn to level up and try out new weapons, equipment, and skills.

Among those powers are included "team support weapons," such as barrel bombs and psyche gas, both of which are dropped from planes to, in turn, burn or disorient the enemy team.

Another interesting inclusion is a multiplayer mode called "Firestorm." The objective is to simultaneously set fire to two enemy nodes, then make a break for a radio transmitter while the level burns down around everyone.

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