New Far Cry 3 Trailer Reveals More Baddies


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Last week Ubisoft released the first in what promises to be a series of trailers detailing the various villains and characters players will encounter during their Far Cry 3 experience. Today, the next trailer in that series has been released, featuring villains named Vaas and Buck.

There have been many Far Cry 3 trailers this year, an many more since the game was delayed to December. Through those trailers, almost every aspect of the game, from the weapons to the different animals there are to hunt, has been revealed. The new trailer seen below just might be the first one to actually capture the breadth of story and gameplay that will be present in the game. The game has sandbox-like gameplay, with an entire island to eventually explore, and an incredible amount of very realistic ultra-violence, but it also appears to have a mature story running throughout.

Vaas, pictured on the game case art and on nearly every ad for the game, will be one of the first ruthless enemies players will encounter. The new trailer also features plenty of Vaas face-time as well, while the seemingly smug and helpful Buck monologues about the rules of the jungle that players will no doubt have to learn the hard way.