New Devil May Cry Trailer Features Urban Destruction


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Straight from this weekend's New York Comic Con, Capcom has released a new trailer for Devil May Cry. Unsurprisingly, it looks a lot like older Devil May Cry games and features a similar combo and juggling fighting style.

Judging from the video, seen below, the urban landscape of the game will lend itself well to destruction on an apocalyptic scale. A young-looking Dante will seek revenge with his signature sword and guns, though new weapons will also appear. For example, a whip is briefly glimpsed in the new trailer.

In an welcome change from recent trailers in the game industry, this one does not feature dubstep. Instead, a pounding heavy metal score highlights the violent hack n slash action. Capcom has previously promised that this new Devil May Cry will feature "dark and brutal gameplay" that will "redefine the franchise."

Though the new trailer doesn't particularly show a redefined Devil May Cry, it does show what appears to be a fun game.