New Chrome For Mac Beta Boasts Extensions


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It doesn't really help anyone that Chrome for Mac isn't on a level with the regular version of Chrome; Mac fans must feel neglected, and Google's missing out on a lot of potential users.  The gap between versions narrowed today, though, as a new Chrome for Mac beta with extensions and a few other upgrades was released.

Google ChromeBookmark sync is one of the fresh Chrome for Mac features - a big benefit for people who own multiple computers or sometimes work from home.  It can handle bookmark transfers involving Windows and Linux, too, so it's of no concern if some random laptop or company computer runs on a different operating system.

Otherwise, Mark Mentovai, a software engineer, wrote on the Google Chrome Blog, "We also added bookmark and cookie managers in a way that feels completely at home on the Mac.  For technically-oriented users, our new Task Manager will help you keep tabs on all of your tabs."

And as for the extensions mentioned earlier, integration is complete, with all 2,200 (or so) extensions available in Chrome's extensions gallery available to Chrome for Mac users.

At this rate, it's hard to imagine there's much more to be done before a non-beta version of Chrome for Mac debuts.