New Avengers Clip Promises Two Things: The Hulk and Smashing

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Unfortunately, all the YouTube uploads of this particular clip are in standard definition, but that should not stop you from enjoying it, even if it isn't in glorious high-def. Besides successfully upping the hype level surrounding this already-off-the-charts movie, the new TV clip gives a glimpse of something, well, incredible.

Something incredible, something big, and something green, all rolled into one. Yes, it's pretty clear my level of excitement is tied directly to The Hulk's appearance. The more, the better, as far as I'm concerned, and while this new 30-plus second clip isn't full of new stuff, it does contain one or two moments that ensure my attendance:

Captain America telling Hulk to smash and the subsequent reaction, which shows the Hulk smiling at his newfound freedom to smash and destroy. Take a look:


Which is then followed by this awesome sequence, something we've already discussed:


We're not the only one feeling the hype, either. The following tweet seems to capture the mood of comic book/movie geeks everywhere:

OMG THE NW AVENGERS SPOT IS FUCKING AMAZING!!! TONS OF TONY/STEVE MOMENTS, LIKE: Steve: “Suit up.” Tony:... 15 hours ago via Tumblr ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Apparently, the "Suit Up" clip debuted on Marvel's Avengers Alliance Facebook page, although, actually finding it might just be an exercise in futility, hence the YouTube version leading this article.

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