New Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailer Slows Down the Action

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The previews for Aliens: Colonial Marines have been a bit back and forth. By that I mean some of them make the game look like a thoughtful spinoff of the first three Alien movies with similarly creepy design (the alien hive preview), while others have made the game look like a mindless shooter that resembles all the action-heavy parts of James Cameron's Aliens (the "Kick Ass" trailer).

In that context it's understandable that Alien and shooter fans alike may be wary of how the game will play. The latest trailer for the game, released today by Gearbox, attempts to split the difference. To do this, heavy action scenes similar to those in the "Kick Ass" trailer are set to some low-key instrumental music and given a few Zack Snyder-style slow-mo sequences. It's reminiscent of the old Gears of War "Mad World" trailer, but with explosions and face-huggers.

Whatever Aliens: Colonial Marines actually turns out to be, we'll all find out next week when the game is released on February 12.

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