Netflix Tattoo Scores Guy Free 1-Year Subscription

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How much would it take for you to get a Netflix tattoo? Would you do it for a free year's worth of the service?

If you think you love Netflix and their selection of streaming offerings, you don't. Unless you've permanently inked the name "Netflix" on your body, you don't really love Netflix. Yes, I know you watched all of House of Cards in three days. You still don't really love Netflix.

Twitter user @TheRealMyron does. He loves Netflix a lot. TheRealMyron got a Netflix tattoo, and for his troubles received a free year of Netflix.

In case you were wondering, Netflix didn't ask this guy to get a tatto in order to receive a free year. He just did it to show his love, tweeted the photo @Netflix and they responded with the offer. Social media done right? I guess?

Netflix's streaming-only plan is $7.99 a month - so that means that TheRealMyron was awarded a prize worth $95.88 for his troubles. If Netflix decided to throw in unlimited DVDs too, that's $191.76. And if they bumped him up to the Blu-Ray option, it means that his tattoo netted him $215.76

Worth it!

Josh Wolford
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