Nemo Blizzard To Blanket the Northeast in Snow

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Forecasts for a potentially "historic" winter storm in New England have not improved since yesterday's winter storm and blizzard watches. More severe warnings have been issued for a wider swath of the Northeast, including New York City.

The U.S. National Weather Service (NWS) is warning that the storm will blanket the Northeast in snow, including states from the Great Lakes area to New England. The storm will begin sometime today, Friday, and continue well into Saturday. Some counties in Massachusetts are predicted to receive as much as three feet of snow . The NWS warns that whiteout conditions are anticipated and that travel will be severely impacted.

From an NWS forecast:

The pieces will come together for a major...maybe even historic...snow storm across the lower great lakes and new england states during the short range period. Energy from a surface low crossing through the Ohio Valley should begin interacting with energy from a costal low tracking Northeastward along the mid-Atlantic coast early Friday. As the systems merge...conditions will quickly deteriorate over the Northeast on Friday while the costal low rapidly deepens offshore. Widespread heavy snows and strong winds will expand across the region and should last through Saturday morning. Heavily populated areas from New York City to Boston could measure more than a foot of snow from the event...with locally higher amounts possible.

Though yesterday New York City was under only a winter storm warning, that has now been upgraded to a blizzard warning that expires at 1 pm on Saturday. The NWS forecasts that the city and costal portions of Northeast New Jersey could see strong winds and heavy snow - some 10 to 14 inches. Temperatures in the area could dip into the 20s by Friday evening, and the heaviest snowfall will begin at that time.

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