Neko Case Playboy Tweet Stirs Debate

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Singer Neko Case has come out swinging against, Playboy. Now, when you first hear that, you probably imagine some battle of the sexes royale with an empowered and empowering female heroine on one side and a stodgy old men's magazine known for female skin on the other.

But that isn't exactly how it all went down. The whole thing started with an article tweet from Playboy Magazine, which seemed to praise Neko Case's career her album, called The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You.

In what someone at Playboy probably thought was a compliment, the Hugh Hefner legacy mag tweeted:

"Artist Neko Case is breaking the mold of what women in the music industry should be."

Case herself responded in short order, and probably not in the way that Playboy expected.


Case's reference to the Mad Men character, Peggy Olsen, shouts out that she thinks Playboy's comment belongs in a long-past past. Olsen is a character always fighting to be seen as capable in the man's world of Mad Men.

Reactions to Case's calling of Playboy on the carpet have varied. One commenter opined:

"Wow -- talk about a stretch. It's hard to see how any educated person could twist what Playboy wrote into something completely different. Seems like fake outrage for media attention. Like many others, I've never heard of her. She probably realizes any press is good press. Some people can't take a compliment evidently."

Many commenters seem to have no idea who Neko Case is, referring to her as a newer one-hit wonder, even though she has released nine solo albums since 1997, as well as appearing on half a dozen other records as member of a band.

"3 Years from now no one will know her name among the one hit wonders of times past. And Playboy will still be selling magazines from pool and grotto side. She sounds like a real snotbag, she can keep her music and her opinions and shove em right up her NEKO whatever that means?"

In reality, Case has been nominated for three Grammy awards, two for her previous album Middle Cyclone, and one for the album under discussion .

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