NBA All-Star Game: 2014's Game Sets Multiple Records With Big Performances


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Last night's NBA All-Star Game was quite a sight to see, and each of the players on the court made it a point to show the fans why they were chosen to be all-stars. All the best players were out, and it was apparent with all of the great plays that were seen throughout the game.

The game was filled with constant offense, and set a number of records in terms of scoring numbers, for both individual players, and the teams.

The teams combined for the most points ever scored at the halftime of the game, and then made it the highest scoring NBA All-Star Game of all time with a total of 318 points, with the previous record being 303, which was set in 1987.

During the game, it seemed that the commentators were announcing a new record being broken every few minutes, throughout the course of the outrageously played game filled with offense, and hardly any fouls or blocks.

The game went back and forth throughout, and while the West dominated at one point with an 18-point lead, the East came away with the victory, and ended the West's three-game winning streak. The final score was 163-155 in favor of the Eastern Conference, while the top players continued to dominate for both sides.

The game was also significant because Kobe Bryant, a 16-time NBA All-Star Game performer, was forced to watch from the sideline after battling injuries for the past year. While it looked like Dwyane Wade may have to sit out as well, he was able to play, but only for limited minutes, allowing for Kyrie Irving to give a star performance.

Kyrie Irving was selected as the MVP of the game, after scoring 31 points, and registering 14 assists. Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin both put up impressive performances for the Western Conference, and if they would have won, one of them would have certainly earned the award.

Speaking on his first MVP for an NBA All-Star Game, Kyrie Irving humbly said "It's a great honor. We had a few MVPs. Everyone out here today is an MVP." He is the first player for the Cleveland Cavalievers to win the award since Lebron James did it in 2008.

Durant and Griffin each had 38 points, and were both 4 points shy of beating the all-time record set for points scored in an NBA All-Star Game, which was set by Wilt Chamberlain. However, after losing three straight, the East was determined to win, and scored the final 10 points of the game, securing the victory.

Blake Griffin set a record for most field goals made–a total of 19. Griffin also scored 18 points in an explosive first quarter that was filled with multiple alley-oops.

While the NBA All-Star game is hailed as the "ultimate pick up game," this year truly made that the case with dunks, layups, and three-pointers being executed at a constant pace throughout the game.

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