Navy Ship Runs Aground: What Happened?

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Well, this is embarrassing.

The USS Taylor is out of commission after it ran aground last week. The warship was one of two vessels that had been sent to the Black Sea in a show of support by the United States against any possible terrorist attacks. It was a simple matter of precaution as the controversial Sochi Winter Olympic games was thought to draw attempts to cause harm to spectators and/or athletes.

Though nothing has happened as of yet, it is unknown how the US will respond to being down to one ship patrolling the Black Sea.

The event is said to have occurred last Wednesday, as the ship was preparing to moor at Samsun, a city in Northern Turkey, where it was due to be refueled.

Despite running aground, the warship was still about to dock at the port. An initial inspection of the vessel showed that there was significant damage to the ship’s propeller blades. However, the hull was determined to have avoided any damage.

None of the 200 crew members who were aboard the USS Taylor at the time suffered any injuries, according to a statement released by the Navy.

Commander Philip Rosi, spokesman for the US Sixth Fleet, said that it is unknown how long the warship will be out of commission.

In an email to the AFP, Rosi stated that it was simply, “too early to determine the impact to the schedule."

The USS Mount Whitney, a command vessel, was the other ship that the Pentagon recently announced would be sent into Russian waters during the Olympics.

Given the fact that the gesture was thought to be a show of force of sorts by the United States military, it’s seen by some to be a bit of a “butter fingers” moment.

It is not yet known what caused the USS Taylor to run aground. The Navy said in a statement that the issue is still under investigation

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