National Grouch Day: Embrace It, Because Twitter Has

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National Grouch Day is upon us, and while some of us didn't know this day existed, it's a perfect excuse to be grumpy without having those insufferably peppy people telling us to "Smile! You look so much prettier when you do!"

It's not always as easy as all that, however. According to therapist Julie de Azevedo Hanks, author of The Burnout Cure: An Emotional Survival Guide for Overwhelmed Women, “People are born with constellations of personality traits and dispositions that, when coupled with experience, can lead to a less than agreeable disposition. If you have a temperament that is less agreeable than those around you, you may be labeled a grouch just because you’re experiencing life differently.”

According to Sesame Street Magazine, October 15th is indeed the official Grouch Day, so sit on your porch and shake your fist at some youngsters and then take a nap on the couch. You deserve it.

Of course, Twitter took the news and ran with it:

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