Natasha Lyonne On The Possibility Of Nicky's Return: "Who Knows?"

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Natasha Lyonne shocked Orange is the New Black fans when her character, Nicky Nichols, made a sudden and dramatic departure to Maximum Security after only three episodes into the new season.

While Natasha Lyonne's character had shown self-destructive behavior and a tendency toward addiction, most fans simply weren't expecting such a dramatic exit for Nicky.

Natasha Lyonne gave an interview to TV Guide to elaborate on the situation and answer the question everyone wants to know: Will Nicky be back?

As to whether or not Nicky was rightfully hauled off, Natasha Lyonne was clear, saying, "I think it was very appropriate. I think when people are self-destructive it has big consequences."

She added, "And I think what's so excellent about Orange Is the New Black is that, as funny as it is, it's always grounded by the stakes of the situation these characters are in."

So, will Nicky be back? It seems not even Natasha Lyonne herself knows the answer to that one, but she's with her fans in hoping that it could materialize.

She said, "I certainly don't know what's in Jenji's mind, but I would love to move inside of Jenji's mind because it is a vast and endless landscape of imagination."

She added, "So, who knows? And I could certainly see a million different avenues to go down... I mean, I love this show so much. I love everybody that I've gotten to work with. And I'm a big fan of the whole situation."

Yes, there are many fans of the whole situation, clearly.

What do you think of the swift and shocking departure of Natasha Lyonne's character? Do you hope to see Nicki back someday?

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