Natasha Leggero Refuses To Apologize For Pearl Harbor Comment


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Natasha Leggero is known for her strange sense of humor and that is one of the things that makes her such a funny comedian. Her recent attempt to be funny may have went a little to far and caused a backlash that she was likely not prepared for.

While many television hosts, celebrities and comedians have slipped up and said something inappropriate on live TV, most of them come up with a quick apology, hope the world forgives them and then move on to their next project.

Natasha Leggero however, refuses to apologize for her New Year's Eve joke about Pearl Harbor Veterans. Carson Daly and Natasha were talking about some of the funniest moments in 2013 when Carson remembered the Spaghetti O's Tweet where the mascot asked everyone to take a moment to remember Pearl Harbor.

Natasha joked by saying, "It sucks the only survivors of Pearl Harbor are being mocked by the only food they can still chew."

While some thought the joke was funny, most thought it was done in bad taste and many lashed out at Natasha for the mean comment. Twitter was full of tweets cursing and bashing the comedian.

Natasha used her blog to defend her comment but was not willing to apologize for it. She also made a statement on her blog about her joke and insisted that it was only a harmless joke and not meant as a meant to be disrespectful to Pearl Harbor veterans.

Do you think that Natasha's joke went too far or are some people just overreacting?

Image via Twitter.