Natalie Kenly: Former Sheen "Goddess" Supports Sheen Amid Co-Goddess' Accusations

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Natalie Kenly, one of Charlie Sheen's former "goddesses", has been supportive of Sheen since he revealed that he was HIV-positive on Tuesday.

While the news of Charlie Sheen's diagnosis wasn't very well-received by his other "goddess", Bree Olson, Natalie Kenly is one of the rare people that will apparently be there for him.

Natalie Kenly said of her former flame, "I knew Charlie as the man, and not the myth or the legend."

She added, "Charlie didn't pay me to keep quiet about his HIV diagnosis or anything else. I was tested. I've been tested several times since then, and I also don't believe I was around when he was diagnosed or contracted the virus."

redefining the essence of "lean on me"

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Natalie Kenly seems to be living a normal life now in the Midwest. She even has her own daughter. But, when she heard the news about Charlie Sheen, she didn't hesitate to travel to his home in Beverly Hills.

Natalie Kenly's reaction to his announcement is the polar opposite of the reaction from Bree Olson.

Natalie Kenly wondered if Olson was so angry because of the "industry" she is in and the effect it could have on her career.

She said of Olson, "I can definitely say that my recollections at the time are greatly different than the ones that she has mentioned."

Whether or not the "goddesses" are on his side, Charlie Sheen hopes to help others struggling with the virus through his admission.

How would you react if you were in Natalie Kenly's or Bree Olson's shoes?

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