Nashville Plane Crash Leaves No Survivors

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A plane crash on Monday in Nashville left no survivors, and although officials haven't released the names of the victims, they say they believe that at least four members of the same family were on board.

The horrific crash happened just before five p.m. on Monday when the plane missed its first approach to the John C. Tune Airport, circled around for another try, then hit a treeline near the YMCA and crashed to the ground before bursting into a plume of fire. Authorities say the wreckage was spread out across 80 yards.

"It looked like someone had poured gasoline on a bonfire," witness Morgan MacGavin said. "It was probably the largest fire I have ever seen in my life."

While the plane--which had come from Kansas--avoided hitting any homes in the area, it did cause damage to the cars in the parking lot of the YMCA; no one on the ground or in the building was injured. As of now, no cause for the crash has been identified.

Several planes have gone down in recent months, and only a few with happy endings. One crash-landing on an expressway in the Bronx left motorists shaken but unharmed in January when the pilot began having engine trouble, while a crash in Aspen left a co-pilot dead and two others injured last month.

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