NASA Will Give You $5,000 for Your Great Idea about the Manned Mars Mission

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NASA wants to put people on Mars. You should too.

It just needs help with some ideas on how that's gonna work. It's contest time!

"NASA is embarking on an ambitious journey to Mars and Tuesday announced a challenge inviting the public to write down their ideas, in detail, for developing the elements of space pioneering necessary to establish a continuous human presence on the Red Planet. This could include shelter, food, water, breathable air, communication, exercise, social interactions and medicine, but participants are encouraged to consider innovative and creative elements beyond these examples," says NASA.

"Participants are asked to describe one or more Mars surface systems or capabilities and operations that are needed to achieve this goal and, to the greatest extent possible, are technically achievable, economically sustainable, and minimize reliance on support from Earth.

As if you need a monetary incentive to help NASA send people to Mars, the agency is prepared to offer $5,000 to the three best ideas.

So, have any thoughts on the matter?

More on what you need to submit if you're so inclined:

NASA seeks technical submissions that describe the development of capabilities and operational events necessary, in both the near- and long-term, to advance this bold journey. Submissions may consist of proposed approaches, capabilities, systems or a set of integrated systems that enable or enhance a sustained human presence on Mars. Solutions should include the assumptions, analysis, and data that justify their value. Submissions should include a process to develop, test, implement, and operate the system or capability.

Get to thinking, people.

Image via NASA

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