NASA Drew a Penis on Mars or We're All Just Really Immature

Josh WolfordLife

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Either NASA's Opportunity Mars rover left a deliberate, and truly amazing mark on the red planet - or we're all just programmed by the internet to see the wiener in everything.

As you may have expected, the clever minds on reddit first spotted this image. It was subsequently noticed by the likes of Gizmodo and The Huffington Post. Fierce debate ensued. Is it real? If so, did they mean to do it?

We probably know the answer to the first question. You can find the image on NASA's website, so it's not likely photoshopped or anything.

But just because it's real, that doesn't make it intentional.

I'd like to hope that whoever was controlling the rover had a few too many beers and decided to substitute the forehead of their passed-out buddy for Mars' vast, blank canvas.

Josh Wolford
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