Narendra Modi Set To Form India's Next Government

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Monday is election day in India and Narendra Modi is the current front-runner.

After Monday's prime minister election, Modi could be the leader of the world's biggest democracy. A Modi win would also make his party, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the country's biggest.

A vote for Modi could have the country seeing massive job creations and an overhaul of the country's welfare programs. An economic plan by the BJP is expected to be revealed on Monday.

His single-minded ambition, an eye for opponents' weaknesses and his grasp of economic management were noted by family members, friends and ordinary people as keys to his journey to his prime ministerial candidacy.

Jentibhai Thacker, who farms land outside the western Gujarati town of Bhuj, has campaigned for the BJP and said of Modi, "For us, Modi has created a revolution."

On the other side of the coin are those who oppose Modi. They say he is "an authoritarian who at times rides roughshod over the democratic process and espouses moderation while concealing an agenda less benign."

Ajitsinh Jadeja, a village chief near Bhuj, will more than likely not be voting for Modi on Monday. "We wanted development, but not like this. This is like a bull in a china shop," said Jadeja.

Opposing critics don't seem to phase Modi. No matter they're opinion, Modi listens to what everyone has to say.

Modi told a private Indian ETV channel, "I listen to everyone, that is the reason for my success. Once we have consulted and taken a decision, then I make sure it is implemented. That has been my training in the RSS ... They used to teach us to forget all the gods. Just think of Mother India."

Twitter has been a way for Modi to reach out to followers and give updates.

Modi also took to Twitter urging citizens to vote in Monday's election.

Image via Narendra Modi, Twitter.

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