Naomi Campbell Mugged, Injured And In A Wheelchair

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Naomi Campbell, one of the most iconic supermodels in the world, was reportedly mugged in Paris just before Christmas while hailing a cab and sustained a painful leg injury.

Campbell says she was actually already in the cab when two men on a motorbike swooped by and tried to grab her purse; nothing was taken, but she sustained a torn ligament in her leg during the attempted mugging.

"On November 21, two people on a motorbike attempted to steal Ms Campbell's handbag as she sat in a vehicle on Rue de Moussy. She filed a complaint with police in the 4th arrondissement but she did not agree to a medical examination," officials said in a statement.

Campbell filed a complaint because she believed she was targeted by the men specifically because of who she is. Officials haven't released details on the investigation into the attack. The supermodel has been seen out and about in a wheelchair and is resting up for next month's premiere of her new show, "The Face".

Image: Black Sheep/Cam Griffith

Amanda Crum
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