Nanny Caught On Camera Slapping, Shaking 5-Month Old

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A nanny in Staten Island has been arrested after a surveillance video captured her hitting and shaking a 5-month old because the child refused to eat.

The woman, 52-year old Mamura Nasirova, had displayed questionable behavior before in front of the child's parents, so they decided to install a camera inside a carbon monoxide detector, which was on a live feed viewable to them while they were at work.

"I seen her one time, she just dragged them along. I said, 'Don't drag them like that.' She said, 'They don't listen, you have to let them know who the boss is,'" neighbor Margaret Meekins said.

Nasirova was also in charge of the baby's 17-month old brother, who was not harmed at the time, but the baby girl suffered redness and swelling where she was hit. The nanny has been charged with endangering a child and resisting arrest and is in jail on a $1,000 bond.

Amanda Crum
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