Nancy Pelosi Challenged by Ranchers: Come to Border

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Nancy Pelosi kicked up a bit of a fuss when she went recently visited a Border Patrol facility in Brownsville, Texas. The facility that she was visiting houses unaccompanied children that have managed to come across the U.S. border. While there, Pelosi talked about the humanitarian crisis in Central America that is driving children across the U.S. border.

The issue about how to handle this influx of children in accordance with the law signed by George W. Bush has been a major hot topic lately. But it is not the only factor in the immigration conversation.

A pair of outspoken ranchers in Arizona say that Nancy Pelosi needs to come see the border where they live. Fred Davis and John Ladd are no doubt telling the truth about the flow of illegal immigrants across their land along the border.

“I want to invite Nancy Pelosi down,” Ladd said. “She went to Texas to see the kids. So come here and see where the dope and bad guys are coming through the border … It's an invite. It's sincere."

"Half of the people and half of the drugs are smuggled through the Tucson sector," says Fred Davis. “Come see why your $2 million-per-mile fence is trash.”

The fence in question is supposed to keep people out. But smugglers just cut huge sections of the fence out and go right on through. When locals complained about the holes, the gaps were strung with a few lengths of barbed wire, hung loosely and eaesly cut back out or even just stepped over.

“Pelosi doesn’t have a clue,” Davis said. “She’s seen pictures of our fences and thinks that will keep them out. But if there is nobody there to watch the fence, the cartels still come through.”

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