Nancy Grace: Parking Lot Interview Gets Weird

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Nancy Grace has almost as many detractors as she does loyal followers, so it's no surprise that after an odd interview popped up on CNN between her and Ashleigh Banfield, screenshots began making their way around the web faster than you can say, "When I was a prosecuting attorney".

Grace has been in Arizona to cover every moment of the Jodi Arias trial, but found herself at a disadvantage when news broke earlier this week that three kidnapped women had escaped their tormentor in Cleveland, Ohio. Unable to get to the scene, Grace had to rely on CNN to patch her through to Banfield so she could get caught up via a split-screen interview. The thing is, Banfield was in Arizona, too. In the same parking lot.

Video of the interview shows the same cars rolling by in the background of both women, just a few seconds apart. Apparently, they're chillin' in the same forty feet of space, but are squinting into the camera and holding the earpieces firmly in their ears as though they're on opposite sides of the world. It should also be noted that Banfield held another split-screen interview with someone else who was in the same parking lot.

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