Naked Yoga Class Sparks Confidence

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It's no secret that yoga does wonders. For the mind, body and soul, yoga has a healing power unlike any other workout around. Yoga generates a wide variety of styles making it the perfect personalized workout.

Whether hot yoga is your thing or you prefer yoga hanging from a trapeze, there are numerous styles that you're bound to find perfectly suitable toward what you yearn to achieve.

But did you know, there is now a yoga class that specifically targets really getting in touch with you body? I mean like really getting in touch with it? It's called nagna yoga and in these classes, you're naked.

Yep. Naked.

You can participate in the bare-all class in Chelsea, NY at Bare & Naked.

Co-owners Joschi Schwarz and Monika Werner claim the naked practice is about "being comfortable in your own skin, "knowing and loving yourself at your core" and "accepting your flaws."

FYI This video is NSFW

The two continued saying, "If you are okay with being naked you'll feel more comfortable in general and can take yourself anywhere in the world."

But how do the class participants feel about the class?

"There are a lot of things that separate us in a normal yoga class, like what brand of yoga clothing you're wearing or how you look when you're wearing it," one attendee told Daily Mail. "But when we're naked, it's like we're all the same."

The class requires that all participating members do in fact go without clothing so everyone feels like they're all equals.

One thing both owners feel very strongly about is the lack of sexual experience happening in the class. While everyone is naked, it''s not to be taken in an inappropriate way. It's clear their mission of nakedness is a representation of freeness-not sexual exploration.

On their frequently asked questions on their website, it's boldly stated that "IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AN ORGASM, YOU ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE."

What's the craziest yoga experience you've had? Would you be up for trying this naked yoga class? Leave your comments below.

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