Nadine Coyle opens up about Pregnancy

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Girls Aloud star, Nadine Coyle, has opened up about her shocking pregnancy and talks about how she was the least likely of her band mates to become pregnant.

Nadine revealed her pregnancy to her fans earlier this Summer, but did not disclose who the father was. However, after much speculation, she identified the baby's father as Jason Bell.

Bell, a former football player, and Coyle started dating in 2008 and then announced that they were engaged in September 2010. Sadly, in June 2011, they separated. But now, the couple has reunited and are currently expecting their first child together.

‘I think we just forgot to tell everyone we were together," Coyle said. "When I said I was pregnant I thought, 'Why's everyone wondering who it is? Then I remembered, 'Oh yes, that's right. I do stuff on TV and people are confused. So this clears it up!"

Although Coyle is very excited about her pregnancy now, she admits that she was in complete shock when she found out that she was pregnant.

"I think I was the least likely to be the first to have a baby, It would always come up," she said. "A couple of the other girls had wanted babies for a long time but I said no way... It was definitely a shock, but I was really, really happy."

Bell says that he is sharing the excitement with Coyle. "I've never felt excitement like this in my whole life. Knowing we're having a baby takes it to another level."

Girls Aloud has called it quits for the moment, but Coyle says that she hopes they will get together again someday.

"I didn't want it to end - but the sequins, the wings and a bump wouldn't have been a good look," she said. "I loved the reunion and hopefully one day we will get back together to do something else."

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