Muslim Letter To Santa: Girl Just Wants To Say Thanks

Amanda CrumLife

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A letter to Santa which was posted to Reddit recently has gone viral, and not because the writer is asking for something outlandish; rather, because she just wants to ask a question and give thanks for all the joy the fictional gift-giver brings to the world.

The kicker is, she doesn't even celebrate Christmas.

The person who posted the photo said it was written by a student in her mother's 4th grade class, which is drawing lots of criticism and controversy on the site from those who disagree with a blanket assignment in public school that doesn't allow for kids with different beliefs to decline to participate. However, it's not clear if it is indeed from a public school or what the circumstances were...and at any rate, the little girl who wrote it seems to have found a clever--and kind--way around it.


Amanda Crum
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