Murray State and Colorado State Give Great Screenshots

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Murray State is currently pulling away from Colorado State, establishing the game's first double-digit lead. While the game is far from over, there have been some great screenshots already, and thanks to the capturing ability of 30FPS, they're available to share. The lead image is of the great Bill Raftery and a play on his great "ONIONS!!!" catchphrase.

The game has yielded some more great stuff, including Donte Poole's broken nose and Greg Anthony's incredible shining ear:



Yahoo's college basketball blog had an interesting write-up on Anthony's get-up:

Anthony dressed up for the first day of NCAA tournament action in a purple shirt borrowed from The Joker, a multi-colored tie that he should have saved for St. Patrick's Day and a neon green pocket square that Digger Phelps usually accentuates with a highlighter. The ensemble was the only thing louder than Barkley.
Between the shirt and the blinding bling in his ear, it was difficult to pay attention to what Anthony was saying, which is a shame because he's the lone voice of college basketball reason on that panel with Sir Charles and Kenny Smith.

If a man's diamond is keeping you from the content of what he says, then perhaps you're too easily distracted by shiny things.

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