Man Murders Girlfriend He Met on Facebook


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In a situation somewhat akin to the Taiwanese man who'd killed his wife's Facebook boyfriend, a Michigan man is suspected of stabbing, suffocating and dismembering his girlfriend, who he also had met on the social network. Suspect Matthew Puccio explained to a newspaper that he met her via Facebook, and that he'd met some of his accomplices in a library just three days before.

In an update, it's been reported that Puccio will plead insanity, and claims that Sacco begged him to kill her.

The two met online while Puccio was living in Texas, and he claimed that Sacco supported him after his former fiance left and took two of his children. Puccio explained that he and his girlfriend fought a lot, and that this escalated after the Michigan accomplices, Andrew Forney and his wife, moved into their house.

In all, five people are charged in the death of Jessica Rae Sacco, 21, whose remains were found in late March, in a bathtub in the apartment she'd shared with Puccio, 25, her alleged killer. A Fenton, Michigan couple are also charged, along with two people from Urbana, Illinois, for failing to intervene and helping to move the victim's remains to be dumped in parts of southern Ohio and Kentucky. Puccio claimed to have met Urbana residents Sharon Cook and Christopher Wright at a local library just days before the murder, and then was surpised when they'd offered to help after he'd told them about the crime, instead of notifying the police - “It shocked the hell out of me,” Puccio said, according to the Springfield News-Sun, "I figured they’d be the first to call the cops on me.”

Facebook has long been a hub for various levels of domestic related crime, like the time a man punched his wife in the face for not liking his Facebook status. Still, Puccio and Co. are on a whole different plane of crazy, and Facebook appears to be merely a catalyst setting a bigger storm in motion.