Mumps Outbreak: Students Had Reportedly Been Vaccinated

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Mumps is an illness we don't hear about much anymore, but some students at Fordham University in New York are getting all too familiar with it this week after an outbreak infected over a dozen people on two campuses.

“The university community was notified that there has now been one case of suspected mumps reported at the Lincoln Center campus, and four new cases at Rose Hill, bringing the number of cases to 13 University wide,” read a statement by school officials.

The contagious disease starts with symptoms like fatigue, dry mouth, fever, and loss of appetite before a swelling of the glands occurs, according to the CDC, but some people carry the virus without ever showing symptoms. What's more, the students affected this week were all inoculated against mumps before the start of school.

“All of the students who were tentatively diagnosed with mumps had been vaccinated,” the university said in a statement. “Vaccinations do not offer 100 percent protection."

The university is spreading the word about the outbreak through emails to students, warning them to continue good hand-washing practices and to seek medical attention if they believe they are showing symptoms. They also say they'll be taking a look at how clean their facilities are to ensure the spread of the disease is stopped.

“Mumps in college-age men and women usually runs its course without any lasting effects,” the university said. “Nonetheless, the university is trying to see what connection there might be among the affected students while stepping up the frequency and intensity of cleanings in communal bathrooms.”

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