Muhammad Ali Posts Selfie, Knocking Out Rumors

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Muhammad Ali just served a knockout once again. This time the sucker on the receiving end was rumor that the legend was down for the count.

Speculation has been swirling lately that Muhammad Ali’s health is deteriorating rapidly. The legendary boxer has been battling Parkinson’s Disease for 30 years.

The concern over Ali’s health was sparked by comments made by his brother Rahman, who told a London paper that Ali is unable to speak properly.

“Unfortunately certain family members that don’t understand Parkinson’s might misspeak because they don’t see him as often,” Ali’s daughter Hana said recently, "so when they do see him, they think he’s doing worse than what he is. But he is fine."

"We call him in the mornings, and he still enjoys being Muhammad Ali. He's not in any pain. He has a regular routine he does,” she said.

But the Champ recently opened an Instagram account, and one of the first things he did was pull a Kim Kardashian: Cassius Clay posted a selfie.

#Louisville Game Day! Go Cards!

A photo posted by Muhammad Ali (@muhammadali) on

Ali lives in Louisville, Kentucky. His caption was to cheer on the Louisville Cardinals in their football game against the Kentucky Wildcats. The intrastate rivalry is a big deal, no matter which sport is on. In the end, Ali’s team won, 44-40.

As for his health, Ali is not only a celebrity patient, he has his own Parkinson Center in Louisville. And his personal physician is director of the Center.

“[Ali] is in good spirits,” Dr. Abraham Lieberman of the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center said. “He has some trouble walking but, overall, for someone who has had Parkinson’s for 30 years, he is doing OK.”

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