Mudslide in California: Photos Flood Twitter


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A mudslide filled Interstate 5 with mud just north of Los Angeles, California on Thursday night. Hundreds of people and their vehicles were left stranded as a result, and clean-up by emergency crews continued throughout Friday.

The mudslide came from a flash flood with debris entering the major highway. Some people had no choice but to climb atop their vehicles and wait for rescue. Even beyond those stuck in the muds, thousands more were left looking for different ways to go.

The mudslide was not limited to the Interstate 5 but also impacted side streets. Another highway was reportedly affected by a separate mudslide.

Images of the mess have flooded Twitter, illustrating just what a huge inconvenience this has been for the area. Thankfully, no deaths or injuries have been reported.

An area of Guatemala was not so lucky when a recent mudslide took the lives of over 250 people.