"Mrs. Doubtfire" Sequel: Who's In, Who's Not

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Mrs. Doubtfire was a smash hit when it came out in 1993; Robin Williams knew how to work an audience from belly laughs to tears with his impressions and genuine love for his children, and the film went from box office hit to video and DVD success. It's no surprise, then, that talk of a sequel would come about. What's surprising is that the sequel is coming 20 years later.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chris Columbus is down for a part 2, and so is Williams. Elf writer David Berenbaum is attached to write the script, which has actually been on the table since 2001, when talk of a sequel first began. The script has been through a lot of rewrites, however, and producers haven't been able to find the right writer for the job.

Williams--who won a Golden Globe for the role--may be up for a new take on the story, but at least two actors from the original film aren't so sure: Mara Wilson, who played little Natalie, and Lisa Jakub, who played eldest daughter Lydia, have both weighed in on the news this week.

Wilson, a successful writer with a big social media presence who says she doesn't do much acting these days, is very well known for her childhood performances (she was also in one of the best movies of all time, Matilda) and gets questions about Mrs. Doubtfire pretty frequently. Jacub, who has retired from the acting world, took to Twitter to admit she didn't know anything about a sequel beforehand and hasn't been asked to be involved.

No word yet on whether Sally Field or Matthew Lawrence will be involved, or how far along the script is.

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