"Mr. Peabody and Sherman" Trailer Release

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Dreamworks is back in a big way with their latest creation, "Mr. Peabody and Sherman". The movie company is no stranger to making movies from books, as was the case with "How to Train Your Dragon" and "Shrek". But there's just something a little different about this one. The movie centers around two baby-boomer era favorites and a storyline remembered from way back. Or should I say WABAC?

The things that modern technology can do for two characters and the time-traveling machine, the WABAC, from the "Peabody's Improbable History" segments of the 1960s animated television series, "Rocky and Bullwinkle", is incredible. Watch and see what you think. Could this be a surprise hit for Dreamworks?

The voice talent is nothing short of perfect. Mr. Peabody is voiced by Modern Family's Ty Burrell, Sherman is voiced by The Neighbor's Max Charles, and Penny is voiced by Ariel Winter, also from Modern Family. Showing up in the supporting cast are the usual voice over suspects, including the best voice actor ever to grace the mic, Patrick Warburton.

"Mr. Peabody and Sherman" is produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by 20th Century Fox. Rob Minkoff is the director, and Alex Schwartz and Denise Nolan Cascino are the producers."Mr. Peabody and Sherman" is slated for a much anticipated February 7, 2014 release in the UK and March 7, 2014 release in the United States.

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