Mount Everest Avalanche Causes Wingsuit Stunt Cancellation


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What was to be one of the most extreme wingsuit stunts in history has now been cancelled. The Discovery Channel this week announced that its upcoming Everest Jump Live program has been cancelled.

The event, scheduled to take place on May 11, was cancelled out of concern for the families of the recent tragedy on the world's tallest mountain. The avalanche took the life of 12 experienced Sherpas on Friday.

The Discovery Channel released a statement this weekend through its Facebook page:

Everest Jump Live was to have been an extreme stunt in which veteran wingsuit jumper Joby Ogwyn would take a running leap right off the peak of Mount Everest. Using his wingsuit, the plan was for Ogwyn to glide down the side of the mountain for more than 10 minutes before reaching base camp.

The event was meticulously planned. Four cameramen were to have accompanied Ogwyn up the mountain. Ogwyn himself had practiced similar stunts at the Matterhorn and the Eiger in Switzerland. The event was also heavily promoted, with Ogwyn himself appearing on The Tonight Show last month.

The recent Everest avalanche is being described by experienced climbers as the worst disaster in Everest climbing history. The 12 fallen Sherpas were preparing ropes and other supplies for climbers due during the mountain's climbing season.

The avalance left the well-worn path up to the peak impassable. Dozens of climbers above the avalanche point were trapped on the mountain over the weekend. According to a CNN report it still isn't clear whether expedition companies will operate their yearly Everest climbs this year.

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