Motley Crue: Tommy Lee Knew "Something Wasn't Right" With Drum Coaster

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Motley Crue played the final show of their career on New Year's Eve, and the band ended things with a bang despite drummer Tommy Lee getting stuck on the massive "roller coaster" that housed his drum set.

The farewell tour ended in Los Angeles, where the group found origins in 1981. Band members Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx bid fans an emotional goodbye after thanking them for their decades of support, with Neil saying he couldn't believe the four of them had come so far since their early days.

“This is the last time you’ll see the four of us. Back in 1981 you got four teenagers roaming the streets of Hollywood, eating, drinking, smoking...and here we fu**ing are, 34 years later," Neil said.

For most of the guys in the group, having made it through the last 3 decades and come out on the other side alive is a feat in itself. Bassist Nikki Sixx recalled--in his memoir The Heroin Diaries--the time he overdosed and was declared dead before paramedics brought him back with adrenaline. After having an out-of-body experience, Sixx woke up in the hospital and was back to his old self.

“There was a cop asking me questions, so I told him to go f— himself. I ripped out my tubes and staggered in just my leather pants into the parking lot, where two teenage girls were sitting crying around a candle. They had heard on the radio that I was dead and looked kind of surprised to see me.”

Sixx told the audience on New Year’s Eve that he was grateful to be there.

"I feel very ... grateful I'm alive, first of all. That's an understatement. And that I'm up here with Tommy and Mick and Vince on this beautiful night,” said Nikki Sixx.

The party was delayed somewhat when Tommy Lee's drum set got stuck upside down with him inside it on the roller coaster, but the band continued playing as soon as the crew was able to get him out safely. Lee said onstage that he knew something "wasn't right" with the coaster when it started moving.

"It looks like the roller coaster is broken, well f--- the roller coaster! Come on guys, help. Come get me. I can’t believe this is happening on the last night. I knew something wasn’t right when I took off,”
Lee said

The crew was able to retrieve Lee without incident and the show went on about 30 minutes later.

For now, there are no plans to do anything more as a group; the band even signed a contract saying they wouldn’t tour beyond 2015. However, footage shot from the last days of the will be put together in a film, which will be released later this year.

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