Mother's Instinct Saves 3 From Tornado's Hellish Path

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Mother of 3 Terimy Miller says she "just had a feeling" that getting into a closet as the weather got bad wasn't good enough. As it turns out, her quick thinking saved her own life and the lives of her children.

Miller and her three sons were hunkered down against the storm in Moore earlier this week; as weathermen and schools have been saying for years, they went to the section of the house that was away from windows and was the least likely to allow debris to fall on them. She already had everyone rounded up and sitting in a closet when that gut feeling kicked in and she knew she had to move fast.

Quickly, she grabbed her kids and ran to the car, not even stopping on the way to round up the dogs, who were outside. She drove away from the storm, and when it was over, she returned to her home. Or rather, where her home had been.

"We walk up and it's gone," Miller said. "I'm like, no, this can't be happening. Why? It's a war zone."

Miller says the dogs survived the storm, although one of them will lose an eye after being injured. For now, despite losing everything material, she's grateful for that little inside voice they say all mothers have. There's no doubt it saved her family's lives.

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