Mother's Day Flowers Are Passe, Weird Gifts Are In


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When Mother's Day comes around every year, it seems everyone has advice on what to do or give.

This year, the consensus is in: flowers are boring.

The internet has spoken: Vacations! Spas! Eating out! Do anything but just giving flowers! Fox business reported that moms wants spa treatments and nice meals more than flowers.

ABC covered several companies offering freebies for moms tomorrow. Redbox will give you a whooping 50 cents off. Hooters will give you a free entree with any purchased drink. Go to a TCBY and get a frozen yogurt. The list is quite long.

Chances are, if you go anywhere out on Mother's Day, there will be some kind of deal to take advantage of. So either plan out your day before hand and check for deals online, or just ask when you get there. What manager isn't going to give your mom a deal on Mother's Day?

Many shoppers like to wait until the last minute for the best deals. The Augusta Chronicle interviewed one shopper, Breanna Harris, who was looking for a gift on Friday: “She likes shirts, so I normally try to get her one of those. I got her shoes last year, so I was trying to get her something different this year.” Mother's Day sales are expected to total $19.9 billion.

Like Ellen, Humorist Bill Mann gave a list of unconventional gifts including Catfood-scented soap, Combination walk-in tub and washing machine, and a gag flower that squirts water. Perhaps most bizarre on the list is the "Aren't you glad you had us kids?" calender:

"This unique gift sure to lift Mom's spirits features a photo of a different infertile couple for each month. Sure, you and your sibs may have made your hard-working Mom's life a living hell at times (and maybe still do), but this 'egg-citing' gift will provide some much-needed, loving perspective for your long-suffering mother."

Hmm... Maybe flowers aren't such a bad idea after all.

Image via WikiMedia Commons