Most Desirable Woman of 2014: The Mother of Dragons


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Khaleesi, the Mother of Dragons, has officially taken over Katniss Everdeen. The results were published on Tuesday for AskMen's 13th edition of its annual 99 Most Desirable Woman in the World List. Game of Thrones British beauty Emilia Clarke, 26, took the top spot away from last year's number one hottie, Jennifer Lawrence, who finished in the fourth spot this year.

The poll is not just about sheer sexiness. The magazine asked readers to vote for the females that "most match their ideals, voting on more than just sex appeal and taking into account other criteria such as character, talent and potential of 2014." The poll received more than a million votes.

The top five spots, in order, went to: Emilia Clarke, Alison Brie (Community), Emily Ratajkowki (from the Blurred Lines video), Emma Watson (Harry Potter.)

One would think that A-List Hollywood film actresses and top fashion models would dominate this sort of list, but surprisingly, it was television actresses who repeatedly made the cut. AskMen publisher James Bassil said, "More than a third of the finalists are from TV series."

Fanboys definitely had their say. Not only was Clarke at the top of the list but her Game of Thrones co-stars Oona Chaplin came in at #43 and Rose Leslie at #61. A few other television stars making the list included: Kerry Washington #7 (Scandal), Kat Dennings #12 (2 Broke Girls), Zooey Deschanel #17 (New Girl), Amy Poehler #23 (Parks and Recreation), Taylor Schilling #38 (Orange is the New Black), Sofia Vergara #40 (Modern Family), Robin Wright #95 (House of Cards.)

And since it's Olympic time, don't forget about all the desirable female athletes out there. Lolo Jones #15, Alex Morgan #45, Hope Solo #78 and Hannah Teter #92.

Tell us what you think. Did the AskMen voters get it right? Who do you think should have been included on the list or placed in a different spot?

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