Mork And Mindy Reunion Will Bring Pam Dawber To The Crazy Ones


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After many years, the two stars of the television series Mork And Mindy will be reunited. The show originally ran from 1978-1982, and was a hit with certain audiences in its time.

Robin Williams, who is now the star of the CBS comedy The Crazy Ones, will be reunited with his former on-screen wife, Pam Dawber. The episode with her in it is set to air sometime this spring.

Mork And Mindy's former stars could even attract new audience members to the new show, and allow for the guest star to attract guest audiences. The series lasted for four seasons, and featured Robin Williams as an alien from the planet Ork, and his name was Mork.

In The Crazy Ones, Robin Williams stars as Simon Roberts, the eccentric head of an ad agency, and plays opposite Sarah Michelle Gellar, who is his daughter on the show.

Pam Dawber played Mindy, a young woman who takes Mork in when he gets to Earth. The two of them eventually got married after falling in love immediately with an odd type of connection, as Mork had trouble relating to people in normal ways.

In the upcoming episode of The Crazy Ones, the two characters will meet in almost the opposite type of way that the two of them got together in Mork And Mindy, with Pam Dawber's character being the wild and free spirit in this case.

She will play Lily, an author of travel memoirs who catches the eye of Williams' ad agency exec, Simon. The two of them meet at a signing for her latest book, Ninety Countries, 90 Dances! They connect immediately, and Simon falls for her adventurous and spontaneous spirit who is up for anything.

This will mark the first television appearance for Dawber since the TV-movie Don't Look Behind You, which aired in 1999. She is married to Mark Harmon, who is the star of NCIS.

The reunion of former Mork And Mindy stars Robin Williams and Pam Dawber should bring even more viewers into a show that has already become one of the most popular new comedies of the season.

The Crazy Ones airs on Thursday nights at 9 p.m.

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