Morgan Freeman's Show Part of Are We Alone Week


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Morgan Freeman's voice sounds like what we would imagine the voice of God sounding like. It makes him the perfect host and narrator for the Science Channel show Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman. The Emmy-nominated documentary series is part of the Channel's third annual "Are We Alone Week?" which starts on March 2. Through the Wormhole will air on March 5 at 10 pm ET.

The March 5 episode will look into the supernatural question "Is God an Alien Concept?" Is it possible that if other worlds exist, do they also believe in God? Or, is the idea of God just an "Earth-thing?"

Mr. Freeman sat down for an interview with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss some of the topics that the show, which he produces, begs to question. "Any discussion about aliens is supposition. It's all fantasy because you have to try and imagine that out of the billions of galaxies, each containing billions and billions of stars, many of which have their own systems, there has to be other life forms." He added, "Whether they are like us or not -- the question is, if they are, say, millions of years older than our civilization, what have they learned? And if we ever made contact with them, what would we learn?"

Science Channel Executive Vice-President Debbie Adler Myers discussed the popularity of the "are we alone" question. "Our viewers' favorite questions are No. 1, what happens when we die, and No. 2, are we alone? We're taking a different, creative way into exploring that topic. It's not just alien programming; it's provocative alien programming grounded in science."

Through the Wormhole has aired on the Science Channel for four seasons, 38 episodes, which explored 38 different philosophical questions. A few of the mysteries examined include: "Do We Have Freewill?" "Did We Invent God?" "Can We Eliminate Evil?" "Is There A Sixth Sense?"

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