Morgan Freeman Donates $1 Million to Obama Super PAC: Twitter Reacts

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Morgan Freeman, an actor who probably needs no introduction at this point, recently made a donation of $1 million to Priorities USA Action, a so-called "super" political action committee devoted to backing President Obama. Freeman's contribution to the group will be reported in their federal disclosures on Friday. If everything goes according to plan, both sides will spend over $1 billion on campaign advertisements in various markets.

Thus far, Priorities USA Action has raised $20.4 million, which is eclipsed by the Romney-friendly Restore Our Future, which has raked in over $81.5 million from Republican donators. Just last month, Priorities managed to snag $6.1 million in contributions, whereas Restore enjoyed $20 million in donations. Of course, Obama's official campaign has raised more cash than Romney's, so everything will probably balance out when all is said and done.

Freeman, of course, is of the belief that Obama has done a fantastic job during his four years as president. He added, "In return, he is the target of hundreds of millions of dollars from right-wing sources. I am proud to lend my voice - and support - to those who defend him."

The "Dark Knight Rises" actor is sure to ruffle some Republican feathers with his contribution. As you can tell from the Twitter reactions embedded below, some are downright irritated by his actions. You can sample some of their responses to this story by venturing below.