Morena Baccarin Joins Cast Of "Deadpool"

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Morena Baccarin has confirmed that she joined the cast of Fox's Deadpool.

Everyone's favorite companion, Morena Baccarin, will now play Deadpool's favorite companion, Vanessa Carlysle.

Carlysle is also known as the mutant Copycat.

Morena Baccarin will make an amazing Copycat!

Morena Baccarin confirmed the news via Twitter.

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld reposted Morena Baccarin's tweet to his Instagram, noting the coordinating appearance of Deadpool and Copycat in the same comic, The New Mutants #98.

From Morena Baccarin/Vanessa "Let's do this!" #Deadpool 1st appearance Vanessa is New Mutants #98 #robliefeld

A photo posted by Rob Liefeld (@robliefeld) on

Along with Morena Baccarin, T.J. Miller also confirmed his role in Deadpool.

T.J. Miller will play Weasel, who is Deadpool's sidekick.

Weasel provides Deadpool with weapons and vital information.

Morena Baccarin and T.J. Miller's addition to the cast might give some hints as to what the film will be about, exactly. The film will exist in the same universe as the X-Men.

With Ryan Reynolds starring as Deadpool, Morena Baccarin has a lot to live up to, but she is quite talented.

I hope they got that on film.

Deadpool, now starring Morena Baccarin and T.J. Miller, is set to be released in early 2016.

Are you as excited as I am to see Morena Baccarin in this movie?

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