More Than 5.3 Million PlayStation 4 Consoles Sold


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Following E3 2013 it was clear that Sony was the clear favorite for gamers going into the next console generation. While Microsoft bet big on Kinect and always-online DRM Sony gave fans more of the same, winning over nearly everyone with a more powerful console at a lower price. Though Microsoft quickly backed off of its anti-consumer policies, the damage had been done and the PlayStation 4 is now outselling the Xbox One.

The difference was hard to see last November, when both companies managed to sell around two million consoles in a matter of weeks. By January the split had widened, with Microsoft announcing 3 million Xbox One consoles shipped during 2013 versus Sony's 4.2 million PlayStation 4s sold to customers.

Today Sony announced that over one million more consoles since its last sales announcement. As of February 8th Sony has sold through 5.3 million PlayStation 4 consoles to customers around the world. High PS4 sales are expected to continue as Sony launches the console in its home territory of Japan on February 22.

"I am thrilled that so many customers around the globe have continued to select PS4 as the best place to play throughout and beyond the holiday season," said Andrew House, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment. "We are delighted that according to the NPD Group's latest data, PS4 was January's top-selling console in the United States. The PS4 system's momentum just keeps growing stronger, and we are extremely grateful for the continued passion and support of PlayStation fans. February 22 sees the launch of PS4 in Japan, and I'm looking forward to Japanese fans sharing the excitement of the deep social capabilities and entertainment experiences only possible on PS4."

For its part, Microsoft did not brag about its Xbox One sales following this month's NPD report. Instead, the company issued a release stating that the Xbox One has sold faster than the Xbox 360 did during its first three months and touting the fact that combined Xbox 360 and Xbox One software sales are higher than any other one console.