More Sh*t Apple Fanboys Say [VIDEO]

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Last week we brought you "Shit Apple Fanatics Say Pt. 1," four minutes of spot-on musings from every single Apple-loving friend that you've ever known. Now, because Apple fans always have more to say about their beloved products, we're treated with "Shit Apple Fanatics Say Pt. 2."

I mean, let's be honest. How many of you haven't heard someone say something to the effect of "it's not about open vs. closed, it's about fragmented vs. integrated." Classic Apple fanboy.

Ok, before I draw too much vitriol, I'll admit that 1.) I own an iPhone and 2.) that doesn't make this any less funny or accurate.

Having said that, I'm sure a "Shit Android Fanatics Say" video would be quite entertaining as well.

[Scott Rose & Andrew Baird, YouTube]
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