More Humane Slaughter Of Chickens?

The words slaughter and humane do not coincide. Perhaps because there isn’t such a thing as humane slaughter – it is just another word for killing. Were the Jews that were slaughtered by t...
More Humane Slaughter Of Chickens?
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  • The words slaughter and humane do not coincide. Perhaps because there isn’t such a thing as humane slaughter – it is just another word for killing.

    Were the Jews that were slaughtered by the millions during the holocaust killed humanely?

    Many spiritual leaders in our history and today believe that killing, in any sense, is wrong.

    But, for the billions of people who still eat these wonderful creatures, animal welfare groups feel that the methods in which chickens are slaughtered could be kinder and less barbaric.

    Today in the U.S. there are approximately 22.9 million vegetarians, and some two-million vegans, (strict vegetarians) primarily because they strongly disagree with the methods used to kill animals for food.

    Chickens are the most abused of all animals on our planet, mostly because they are the slaughtered in the largest numbers. In the U.S. alone, seven billion (7,000,000,000) chickens are killed for their flesh each year. In the world, 23-27 million chickens are killed every single day.

    More chickens are raised and killed for food than all other land animals combined, and sadly, there is not a single federal law that protects chickens from abuse—even though two-thirds of Americans say that they would support such a law.

    For this reason, and other cruel acts that take place in factory farms and slaughterhouses, the Animals Welfare Institute and Farm Sanctuary are joining foces to urge the Obama administration to improve the treatment of poultry at slaughterhouses. They are citing statistics that show hundreds of thousands of chickens being accidentally dropped into scalding tanks every year – alive.

    These are animals that have the same desire to live as human animals. They fight with every fiber of their being to avoid pain and death, just as a human being would. Because they are sensitive, warm blooded animals who feel fear, pain and suffering, they should be acknowledged as living beings – not as the industry treats them – as mere commodities.

    They start their lives in a dark, filthy, ammonia filled room, and never have the chance to do anything that is natural or important to them. A baby chick on a factory farm will never be allowed contact with his or her parents, let alone be raised by them. These chickens are deprived of the chance to take dust baths, feel the sun on their backs, breathe fresh air, roost in trees, or build nests.

    “I was almost knocked to the ground by the overpowering smell of feces and ammonia. My eyes burned and so did my lungs, and I could neither see nor breathe….There must have been thirty thousand chickens sitting silently on the floor in front of me. They didn’t move, didn’t cluck. They were almost like statues of chickens, living in nearly total darkness, and they would spend every minute of their six-week lives that way,” said Michael Specter of the New Yorker.

    Their lives are a living hell from the time they hatch, until they reach those shackles that take them to their death.

    The world would be a much better place if there were no slaughterhouses or factory farms and everyone was vegetarian. Animal suffering would be eliminated, people would be healthier, and ideally our planet would be a much cleaner, less polluted and happier place to live.

    One of the greatest minds to have lived, Albert Einstein, said “Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”

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