More HTC Nexus 10 Rumors Surface

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Apple and Samsung still dominate the tablet segment, but Google has managed to maintain a foothold in the industry in recent years through its Nexus tablet line.

Through multiple iterations now Google has stuck with Asus as the manufacturer for its Nexus 7 tablets, a relationship that seems to have worked out well for both companies. Current industry rumors hold that Google and Asus have teamed-up once again on an upcoming eight-inch Nexus tablet.

Google's larger Nexus 10 tablet, on the other hand, was manufactured by Samsung. However, it now appears Google is turning to a different manufacturer to keep its 10-inch tablet line alive.

A new DigiTimes report this week backs up rumors last week that HTC will be making the next Nexus 10 for Google. According to the report's unnamed "industry sources," the news is surprising given HTC's revenue woes in 2013. The move also seems strange given the earlier talk that HTC might abandon the tablet market as a whole.

As DigiTimes notes, HTC was Google's first choice of partner for the Nexus 7 as the companies had previously teamed-up on the early Nexus One Android smartphone. HTC's refusal to work with Google on the tablet led to the successful Asus/Google partnership and it now appears that HTC wants back into the fold. Given the limited success of the Samsung/Google Nexus 10, however, HTC may be too late to the Nexus party to make any impact.

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