'Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate' Announced For Nintendo 3DS


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Less than one year ago, Capcom released Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Though the franchise does not have the same huge fan base in the U.S. that it has in Japan, Monster Hunter is still loved by a dedicated group of fans who aren't always at the top of publisher Capcom's to-please list.

Monster Hunter fans in Japan have been enjoying Monster Hunter 4 for months now, while fans in the west have had to wait (or import). Now, Capcom has revealed just how long that wait will be.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be coming to the U.S. and Europe sometime in early 2015. The game has only been announced for the Nintendo 3DS, with no Wii U version mentioned.

For their wait, western Monster Hunter fans will get a game based on Monster Hunter 4G, the expanded version of Monster Hunter 4 that was announce for the Japanese market earlier this week. It seems that the original Monster Hunter 4 will not be localized for the U.S. or European markets.

The official release date announcement was accompanied by a video from Capcom producer Ryozo Tsujimoto. In the video, Tsujimoto teases the new gameplay and enemies in Monster Hunter 4: