Monopoly Rules To Incorporate "House Rules"


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Monopoly rules are changing, and with a little help from you.

Ever sat down as family or friends to play a game of monopoly and used some rules that might not be in the rulebook? Do you get a wad of cash when you land on free parking or travel between railroads or auction off properties that haven’t been bought up quickly?

You may be playing by “house rules,” rules that you, your family and friends have thought up and incorporated into the classic game for time and eternity. But now you get your chance to add the rules to a special edition of Monopoly called “Monopoly: House Rules Edition,” all by joining the debate.

Starting today through April 3, fans and players of Monopoly, from the experienced to the novice, can join in on a Facebook debate about which house rules should be added for the house rules edition.

According to Hasbro, the following rules will be debated during the ten-day period:

Free Parking, Fast Cash: All taxes and fees will be collected in the middle of the game board, if you land on Free Parking, collect all the money from the middle of the board.

Dash for the Cash: Land on Go! and you get to double your salary, 400 dollars from 200.

Frozen Assets Rule: When in jail, a player cannot collect any rent money from other players.

Lucky Roller: Roll Snake Eyes and odds are in your favor—collect 500 dollars.

3’s a Crowd: If there are three players in a row on three unique properties, each player gets an extra 500 dollars.

Cash Advance: With this House Rule, players can make loans between each other to co-own properties.

Break The Bank: At the start of the game, leave half the money in the bank. Then mix up the other half of the money in the center of a board. On the count of 3 every player grabs what they can.

Mum’s the Word: Mum always gets out of jail free.

See the Sights: Players must travel around the board one complete time before they can begin buying properties.

Property Boom: With this rule, players do not have to own a complete set of properties before they start to build houses.

Nine hours ago, the action already started with a discussion about the “Frozen Assets Rule”:

Monopoly is a board game where players accumulate properties and build on them to collect “rent” from other players. Players are eliminated when they have no more money and the winner is the man or woman left standing at the end.

Image via Wikimedia Commons, Facebook