Monopoly Asked, and You Guys Voted Out the Iron (and Replaced It with a Cat)

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Back in January the classic board game and cause of everyone's very first rage quit, Monopoly, decided that they were going to give one of the classic game pieces the boot (it's not the boot). In order to do that, they set up a Facebook app and asked people to vote on which piece they wanted to keep.

Today, the results are in and it's not good news for the iron. According to your votes, it was a close race for the bottom spot between the iron, the wheelbarrow, and the boot. But in the end the iron is the piece that will be "locked up forever."

Part of this Facebook promotion also involved the selection of a new piece to replace the old one (a robot, diamond ring, cat, helicopter, and guitar). Monopoly has revealed that the new piece will be the cat.

Josh Wolford
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